Notification to applicants for a licence to operate

The Agency for Postal Traffic of Bosnia and Herzegovina issues licences for provision of universal postal services (except reserved postal services) and other postal services (except courier services) and licences for carrying out courier services.
The Agency issues the authorization to public postal operators who are directly authorized by Postal Law to perform all postal services.
The procedure for issuing and amending licences and authorizations is public and transparent, and it is conducted pursuant to the Postal Low of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Regulation on issuance of licences for provision of postal services.
Request for issuance of licences and amendment shall be submitted on the prescribed form and annexed with documents and forms provided by the Regulation on issuance of licences for provision of postal services.
In order to inform the applicants of the procedures of issuing licences and authorizations, necessary documentation and other relevant information before official submission of application for licences and authorizations, all applicants have the oportunity of prior consultation with the employees of the Agency.
Beside the possibility of prior consultation, in order to reduce the incompleteness of the documentation to a minimum and speed up the process of issuing licences and authorizations, here are a few notes for the applicant:
  • The first thing an applicant for issuing licences for the provision of postal services to be met is that the court registry is registered to conduct business: Courier activities other than activities of the public post office, activity code 64 120.
  • Application forms shall be signed and stamped by responsible person who is registered in the register or a person who is empowered by the responsible person (power of attorney submitted with the application), and each page shall be initialed.
  • When submitting the request a single fee for processing the application shall be paid in accordance with the Instruction to pay fees for processing applications for licencing. Application processing fee shall be established by the Decision on the amount of costs for the issuance of licences and the annual fee for provision of postal services.
  • All documents to be submitted with the application (Article 8 of the Regulation on issuing licences for provision of postal services) shall be submitted in original or certified copy, and may not be older than 3 months.

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