According to Article 10 of The Postal Act of Bosnia and Herzegovina ("Official Gazette " No. 33/05) the following regulatory and other tasks shall be within the competence of the Agency:

a) make contact with the postal administrations and international postal organizations;

b) issue and revoke licenses to postal operators for the provision of postal services, in accordance with the Regulation issued by the Council of the Agency;

c) adopt technical regulations for the operation of postal services throughout the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and propose regulations that define a unique general conditions for the provision of postal services, and general standards of universal postal service;

d) follow if the postal operator adheres to the conditions contained in the licenses issued, in case of violation of these terms or provisions of this Act the Agency shall take measures within its scope;

e) monitor compliance with established principles of postal policies and initiate measures to eliminate any departures from these principles;

f) follow the international postal regulations and inform the public operators and other operators of postal services on their adoption and amendments;

g) approve the contracts concluded by the postal operators in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the operators of postal services postal administrations of other countries;

h) establish the methodology and principles for the cost of cooperators, transit and terminal expenses and monitor their implementation;

i) follow international accounting in accordance with established principles and rules of the World Postal Union and the distribution within the operators;

j) establish a single tariff policy for reserved services on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina;

k) propose criteria for determining the maximum prices for providing postal services;

l) estimate the costs for issuing licenses and the amount of annual fees for the provision of postal services as well as deadlines for reconcilation of payment obligations;

m) approve the postage stamps issuing program, issued by the public postal operators;

n) adopt a general order on transportation of postal items and finds the optimal routes of that transport;

o) determine the amount of compensation to cover public postal operators' losses;

p) organize symposia, seminars, etc.;

r) perform other activities pursuant to the provisions of the Act and other regulations
in accordance with its laws.

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